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About David Fine

Hello, my name is David Fine and I am in semi retirement. My practice is  Life Coaching/Counselling.  I have had various careers in the following areas. An executive for several companies in the service industry, a Restaurateur and finally I went back to university and started a practice as a Registered Psychotherapist of the Ontario College of Psychotherapists for 15 years. My practice as a Life Coach/Counsellor  is relatively new but my experience in the field of Psychotherapy, my life experience, and my life coach certification adequately prepares me to help people find direction if they have the focus, and dedication to work towards their goals.

 In the area of education l hold an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Masters degree of Arts specializing in the field of Counselling and as mentioned my Life Coach Certification. 

I had spent many years in business commuting long distances and can relate to people with their hectic lifestyles. Also because of my business background, I can be very helpful with career coaching. I also have strong skills in CBT which is useful in redirecting your negative or limited beliefs.

My office is in South Bruce Peninsula (Hepworth) servicing Owen Sound, Wiarton, Port Elgin, Southampton, Lion's Head and other areas within the region to offer "in person coaching/counselling".

A lot of my psychotherapy was "on line" and I expect to do the same with coaching/counselling through Skype, Facetime,  email and Voip phone. The "on line" presence is because I travel part of the year but I continue to offer my services the bulk of the time. 

Covid 19 has made “on line” coaching/counselling a necessity.  All emails are encrypted for your security. 

I had my own set of trials and tribulations through my life. At a point in my life, I hit my wall. I no longer wanted my marriage, my family, my work or my friends. I had no purpose to my life. I was wandering around in a daze. I realized that I knew very little about myself and what I really wanted. I did, however, know that I did not want to live out the rest of my life as I had the first part of my life. I decided to spend many years in practical and theoretical training to learn about myself and how the world works. I discovered what I liked and disliked. Most of all, I learned how to take responsibility for myself and my actions instead of blaming others or the world. I feel with this type of experience and background, I can help people find out who they are and what they really want for themselves. They will be able to make more informed and logical decisions. In other words, they can be in charge of their own lives.