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Britt Launius

Portland, 97266

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Portland, 97266

About Britt Launius

I spent 12 years in sales, learning how to perfect the art of hustling. I was incredibly successful on the outside but inside I was completely unfulfilled. I had zero work/life balance. I felt guilty taking a vacation and had almost no boundaries. One morning I woke up and decided to dedicate myself to women that are in that same place. If you are terrified of taking your foot off the gas pedal, afraid that your life will implode, then contact me. I am a living example of how that will not happen. I have the road map and it's my passion to share it with you.

From our time together you will gain work/life balance, more life satisfaction, less stress, and most importantly peace. You will no longer feel tethered to your work calendar and consequently profits will go up. You will start enjoying the well deserved time you take for yourself and believing that you deserve it! You will sleep amazing at night knowing that your work and personal life are aligned!