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Leah Burkhart

Salem, 97301

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Salem, 97301

About Leah Burkhart

Are you a highly sensitive AND highly ambitious person?

Are you caught between a desire for good health and vitality on the one hand, and a desire to dare greatly and launch into entrepreneurship on the other?

For a long time...so was I. Caught, I mean.

I spent the first half of my life only fostering my more ambitious side of myself. I got excellent grades. I climbed up the corporate ladder. I was a classic American Dream tale. The only trouble was...I was losing. My. Mind.

Anxiety. Insomnia. Depression. They were my bedfellows. I couldn't figure out why. What was WRONG with me?

After a ton of exploration...I figured out there was nothing wrong with me. I'm just a highly sensitive person. I process things deeply, get overstimulated easily, connect with others easily, and pick up on subtle changes in my environment.

Having made that discovery, I retreated. Retreated from leadership. Retreated from the busy Bay Area. Retreated from my dream to start my own company. All was pushed out to make room for my health and wellbeing.

I figured out how to master this slightly more sensitive nervous system. Anxiety and depression became things of the past. For the first time in my life...I felt FULLY ALIVE. It was awesome!

The only trouble was...well...now what? What is all that energy and vitality FOR?

I wanted fo figure out a way to stand at the intersection of financial stability, purposeful work, and physical/emotional health.

After spending over a decade of time and a sizable quantity of money in training...I figured out how to do it.

Now, I want to help OTHER ambitious, sensitive people create lives that allow them to have health, vitality, purpose and financial stability.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in creating for yourself, I would be absolutely delighted to speak with you.