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Shayne O'Connor

Dunedin, Otago

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Dunedin, Otago
New Zealand

About Shayne O'Connor

I've always had an inclination to want to help people which I wasn't quite fulfilling as a business owner/manager and employer.

Due to the demands, expectations and pressure society is putting on all of us these days, I was drawn to this relatively new and growing industry called Professional Coaching.

A bit like a sports coach, a Personal Coach is someone independent who can ask questions and help you come up with, or consider other perspectives; watch your blind spot.

Whether in business, sports, farming, as students or with life in general, we tend to get bogged down with overload, distorted perceptions of what’s happening/not happening, or where we want to head; particularly if things aren’t going as we’d like. 

This causes us to lose focus on the things we can influence or that we did want to achieve, and how. In turn we get frustrated, make rash decisions, work harder, and we make less time for ourselves and the things we really do enjoy or want to achieve. 

Coaching is a "top of the hill" type of help, working on the things you or your team want to work on. It empowers healthy, motivated individuals or groups to put things in “perspective”, clear thoughts and reset their compass. This as opposed to waiting too long and needing the "bottom of the cliff" type help.

A Professional Coach is not a counselor or therapist and they won't tell you what to do. Coaching is present and future focused and final directions or decisions are up to you.

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