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Rita Amabili

Otterburn Park, QC

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Otterburn Park, QC

About Rita Amabili

All the works of this feminist theologian are imbued with her desire to stand in solidarity with those who suffer and to offer a ray of hope to those who, like her, dream of a more just and more human world. She has expressed this desire for more than fifteen years through multiple means of expression.

His taste for justice remains present in his children's books, his poetry, his historical novels and his plays. Some of his texts and books are part of the libraries of several humanist associations! Another important facet of his writings undoubtedly includes all of his research on Italian immigration to Canada. His historical novel on the subject is available in French, English and Italian. In 2011, it was presented twice in Italy and earned it the coat of arms of the Marche Region.

She dreams of a fairer world and outlines it in her work, her lectures and her multiple workshops. Being in solidarity with those who suffer is a sweet utopia that leads his life!