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Meet Coach Nearby Diane Weller in Beavertown PA

Diane Weller

Beavertown, Pennsylvania, 17813

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Contact Information

Beavertown, Pennsylvania, 17813
United States

About Diane Weller

I coach women & men (*special interest in coaching achieving young professionals) and small business owners.

I give you the unique kind of support YOU need, personally and professionally, drawing from my coach training and years of leading, mentoring and peer-coaching during my 33-year professional career across insurance, healthcare and higher education (24 years).

You will increase your awareness, realize you have choices, and make the change that is right for you.

I understand and have overcome being unsettled and feeling stuck in a career. I’ve experienced preparing for career transition. I’ve successfully taken the big scary leap of building my own business.

My keen observation of workplace dynamics has afforded me the insight that highly successful organizations are those with cultural integrity and authentic employee identity. I understand the stories that my individual and business clients bring to me. I help to identify gaps between the results they are getting, the results they want to achieve, and the behaviors that will change their game. Are you an employee who’s ability to contribute in ways that come most naturally has been disrupted, because your identity has been clouded by what others think you should be?

As a contributing writer for Pink Ribbon Stories: A Celebration of Life (Miller), interviewing and writing the stories of breast cancer survivors and their families was humbling. Discovering my innate ability to have strangers open up to me and share very personal experiences was a reward not anticipated. By listening compassionately to these individuals, I believe they have felt a sense of freedom and can now talk more easily about the difficult experience they have endured.

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