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Ines Roe

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 17013

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Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 17013
United States

About Ines Roe

I am excited to work with women who want to make changes in their lives. I see my coaching about helping women explore and go after the things in their lives that they want to accomplish. So, that means I want to help you figure out if or what is missing in your life and putting it back in place. I specialize in areas of life decisions, finding life balance, relationship issues and health and wellbeing.

Women take care of everyone else and often will tend to lose themselves or feel that their lives have splintered. It is easy for women to lose sight of their own health, their goals and overall wellbeing.
If you are one of these women I want to inspire you to reach for your own greatness and I want hold a space for you to explore what keeps you stuck or how you may be sabotaging yourself. I want to help you to find your passion, your vision and what motivates you.

I am dedicated to my own health and wellbeing but I also know what it is like to struggle with motivation and how easy it is to procrastinate and self-sabotage. I know that improving life requires constant effort, and that it takes perseverance and determination to continue moving forward. I also know the value of being accountable to someone to accomplish a goal.

The coaching relationship with me is about a connection with someone who is focused on YOU and your goals. No two journeys are the same. I will not try to fit YOU into a formula or a mold. I have many years of experience, a well-grounded intuition, and effective tools that are scientifically and experientially proven by thousands of travelers before you.

Nonetheless, the route that matters is the one YOU choose—YOU are the expert in your own life. And I will help you refine that expertise to craft your own possibilities. I invite you to come travel with me and see what awaits you around the next bend.