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Mike Greene

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 17013

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Contact Information

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 17013
United States

About Mike Greene

Mike is the owner of IntegrityWorks Coaching – an integrity-driven coaching, training and consulting company focused on planned and purposeful growth for individuals, teams and organizations, with a specific focus on leadership, sales, communication and team development. Mike is an Authorized Partner & Facilitator in Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. Mike is also a Certified John Maxwell Coach.
Mike is the author of three books, 60 Second Time Out, 60 Second Leadership and 60 Second Perspective written to bring personal and professional development to sales and business leaders. Published in 5 countries, Mike’s books have reached sales exceeding 60,000 copies worldwide.
Mike and his wife Amy have been married for over 30 years – committed to an exciting relationship centered in their faith and what Amy calls CPR (compromise, pursuit, and respect). Mike and Amy have three children – their first three protégés in life and plan nearly everything outside their careers around their family.