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Meet Coach Nearby Barbara Gallen in Lancaster PA

Barbara Gallen

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania
United States

About Barbara Gallen

Has the time come for you to show up entirely as yourself? Are you willing to make the commitment to yourself, to your work and to the life you know you can have? If so, I invite you to join me on a path of discovery through personal coaching.

I know what this feels like. I’ve been in the deep pit that comes from loss and guilt and failure. I found the way out and since then, I’ve learned how to adapt what worked for me so that it can work for you too. Having been down, and back up again, I can walk beside you on that journey through personal coaching– there’s nothing that scares me because I was there too. I can hold space & a clear vision of how the path to freedom, joy and wholeness can look and feel for you.