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Gretchen North


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About Gretchen North

I'd love to live in a world where people know their purpose, paychecks come from passions and bucket lists are fulfilled. Seem like a pipe dream? I don't think so. If you've found yourself feeling stuck and craving more from life, let's talk. I help inspire direction, clarity & courage to pursue your True North. 

My life coach training is through the ICF accredited Courageous Living Coach Certification Program with a major concentration in Career coaching, but what I really do is help people live with passion, purpose and courage. I also bring my 20+ years experience of working with people in the health, wellness and personal growth industries. 

Are you curious about exploring how a life coach could help you? If you've ever had an interest in working on a particular life issue, especially one that could use the help of a life coach for accountability, I'd love to work together. Let me surprise and delight you! 

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