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Sara Makin

Pittsburgh, 15222

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Pittsburgh, 15222

About Sara Makin

I lead a highly rated team that provides online counseling & support to stressed out and busy professionals who want to balance a high-level career with a personal life.

Do you find yourself choosing between your happiness and your career? Do you feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day to get your work down to the standard you hold for yourself? Are you constantly stressed out at the never-ending demands of your personal life, your career, your kids? Does your partner complain that they never see you anymore?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have it all – a successful career, a great relationship with your family, and more free time. The reason you don’t have all these things now is that you’ve struggled to set priorities and boundaries in your life. You say yes to too many things and you don’t have time to take care of yourself.

This is where we come in; It is all about priority management, stress reduction, and changing your thought patterns. We start by looking at what really matters to you in all aspects of your life, and then we systematically prioritize which ones matter most and figure out ways to either eliminate or delegate the rest.

Our clients at Makin Wellness constantly tell us they feel freedom they have never experienced before. There’s a calming influence that comes from knowing what truly matters in their lives, and understanding that it all boils down to the choices they make! After working through our online sessions, they’ve developed skills to recognize which of their activities are truly important, and which ones can be done away with.

I'm the Nationally Best Selling Author of "From Depression to Joy" and founded Makin Wellness, Pennsylvania's #1 rated online therapy company. We’ve had countless successful experiences working with adults, all of whom left with a vastly improved state. Contact us today if you want to start living your best life!