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Susan Markham

Washington Crossing

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Washington Crossing

About Susan Markham

Susan Markham, founder of Awakening, brings more than 35 years of experience in coaching and consulting, leadership development, life/crisis coaching, and dream building. Awakening applies an evocative coaching style based on wisdom, insights, inquiry, and empathy. Susan helps people to awaken to a life of purpose, impact, and effectiveness. Her process is both engaging and actionable, with replicable and sustainable results.

Some areas of impact for Susan’s clients:

-Starting or growing their own business

-Elevating their productivity and performance

-Finding the relationship of their dreams and enhancing those relationships that have been strained or troubled

-Instituting a work-life balance

-Enhancing their communication skills

-Addressing their health & vitality through the 7 Dimensions of Well-Being

With Awakening, one begins to invent and live a life of design, fulfilling on intention and purpose. Rather than living a condition-based life, Awakening employs methods directed towards fulfilling on the legacy one wants to leave in every area of life. Rather than “getting by” in life, we awaken to our potential impact.