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Coach Irina Buse in Laval QC

Irina Buse

Laval, Quebec

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Laval, Quebec

About Irina Buse

For a long time the default of my life was a daily struggle to survive and then come on top of every adverse situation in my path. The mindset was to be better equipped to meet the next challenge so that it doesn't put me down. But there comes a time when we all realize that we need to feel happy inside and out regardless of what others think or what we've done so far.
Because having understood how much power lies inside all of us, and having gone through the process of discovering it the hard way, I cannot contain my desire to help others break out of the network of constrains too and share in their joy of living the life they always wanted. I believe that we need to feel free and take ownership of our power. We all deserve to feel peace inside, to see the world in terms of possibility, to have the motivation to do what we are called to do and feel FREE while doing it.
There is nothing I feel more passionate about than helping people transform from vicitms of lack and limitation to heros of personal freedom and success.
Everyone is unique. It is fascinating to work with infinite diversity of human beauty. My happiness is coming from helping people be happy.
My approach looks at physical, mental and emotional health together; I offer solutions tailored for every client upon their own personality and pace of transformation.
The mindfulness in my experience has brought a tremendous amount of deep understanding of life and helped me find so much more peace and satisfaction with the daily landscape of my existence.
I would never leave out the essential aspect of learning to understand and practice self-love. It is probably the most misunderstood notion today and often associated with selfishness. Releasing the self-judgment as well as the judgment of others brings so much relief. I think we all deserve to break free from past conditioning and step into the best self we can put out.
Be ready to be shocked by your greatness!