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Penny Mancuso

Montréal, Quebec

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Montréal, Quebec

About Penny Mancuso

As a Certified Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach I open the door to many compelling conversations at dinner parties! One never knows where the conversation will lead …it can be an engaging and highly provocative main course! I have proven results in helping women rediscover who they really are through the portal of their desires and sexuality, leading to career development, professional success, elevated relationships, overall confidence and an increased sense of well being and joy! I also help my clients navigate through the complexities of dating right through to building fulfilling, lasting thriving love relationships. 

As a Certified Career Coach, my philosophy is to change the inner narrative and open the door to possibility. I work with both recent grads and clients undergoing career and life transitions to discover the next of many chapters in a life. I have helped over 100 graduates in technical programs begin exciting new careers all over Canada and have helped many others transition into fulfilling new directions!

One of my favourite roles is as an Entrepreneur Coach. I mentor and coach entrepreneurial women as they develop their business ideas through creation right to execution. Together we work to discover and put out into the world the genius that wants to emerge through her! I facilitate strategic planning, and core brand development as well as brand writing and positioning. 

I am an accomplished and resourceful professional/facilitator/public speaker with solid corporate experience combined with a strong emphasis on personal, professional, and spiritual growth. My coaching focuses on clarity, examining old patterns, goal setting, self-compassion, wellness, spiritual growth, and overall well-being...with a little bit of Bad-Ass! and a whole lot of humour!

A creative and innovative leader and entrepreneur I have logged in over 900 hours of coaching and have proven results in identifying , nurturing and developing talent.

I love to write and possess a highly developed visual aesthetics...and sometimes I even think I’m a Goddess :)