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Valeria Degiovanni

Montréal, Quebec

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Montréal, Quebec

About Valeria Degiovanni

Hi, Valeria here,

Have you ever felt like you have no direction, you don't really know what you are supposed to do with your life ?

I had this exact state of mind after my divorce 6 years ago, or when my mother passed away of a devastating bone cancer. 

When we face challenging times in our life, we often feel confused, scared of the unknow, demotivated at work, lonely.... we just don't know how to get back on our feet. 

After my divorce, I decided to start a NLP Coaching program in 2017. At first, I just wanted to focus on my own development and have tools to feel better about myself but as I continued my coaching studies, I discovered I felt a deep passion in helping other people. 

I became a certified life and business coach in June 2020.

I have a Solution-oriented approach and I guide people into taking actions towards their goals, find a life purpose and unlock their true potential.

I offer personalized coaching sessions for:

- people who are dealing with Grief

- people who are going through a divorce/break up

- people who are not entirely happy with their life, they lost their sense of purpose, on the surface they 

 seem to have it all going for them, but something’s not quite right

Are you ready to create a life that looks good from the outside and feels good on the inside?

If you’re interested in connecting, reach out to me 

Love, Valeria