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Julie Cusmariu

Montreal, Quebec, H3Z 2N4

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Montreal, Quebec, H3Z 2N4

About Julie Cusmariu

Julie L. Cusmariu is an Intuitive Consultant, Certified Life Coach and Mentor Coach the Host of Julie in conversation. Having learned at a young age how to trust her own intuition and use it to follow the direction of her dreams, Julie Cusmariu knows just what it takes and how to help you get where you want to go and be who you want to be. Julie can support you in easing your anxiety and frustration and help catapult you to unimaginable heights. She inspires, uplifts and empowers individuals to use, trust and act on their intuition. She is sought out for her unique capacity to create lasting experiences that evoke calm, inspiration and clarity for individuals wanting more, experiencing change, and asking "'now what ?" . Julie would love to meet you and support you in living a more meaningful, purposeful and peaceful life.