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Meet Coach Nearby Liliana Turecki in Montreal QC

Liliana Turecki

Montreal, Quebec, H4A 3C7

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Montreal, Quebec, H4A 3C7

About Liliana Turecki

I coach primarily but not exclusively people impacted by ADHD overcome unique challenges so they can create a thriving environment for themselves and for their loved ones. I help my clients align their heads with their hearts so they can act from a place of integrity.

Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious? Is ADHD making a negative impact on your life? On your relationships? Do you find yourself in negative thoughts constantly and not able to get out of that state? Can’t start what’s not interesting and fun?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is an invisible condition that affects in varies capacities the executive functioning of the brain, responsible for the ability to plan, organize, remember, focus, self regulate. It can have a tremendous negative impact on someone’s life. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, ADHD brains are uniquely wired and when in the right environment they can thrive. It is a challenge of momentum rather than a challenge of attention.

My “taming the ADHD brain” program is all about understanding the needs of the unique brain wiring of individuals with ADHD and building on their strengths. We start by addressing frustrations and anxieties of your current situation; then using the latest findings in neuroscience research we look into possible causes and misconceptions, slowly gaining understanding that ADHD is not an excuse but an explanation that validates your unique brain wiring. Next, we look into what’s really important to you in all aspects of your life following by uncovering your strengths; we use those findings to help you shift from problems to what’s possible versus what’s in the way so we can work together to create strategies that will finally move you closer to your goals.

My clients say I am easy to connect with and the way I guide them and support them make change doable. They say that the structure and the educational piece has a positive impact on them keeping them motivated to take action after each session