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Sheldon Azimov

Montreal, Quebec, H8Z 3H7

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Montreal, Quebec, H8Z 3H7

About Sheldon Azimov

In 18 years of running a small business, I made plenty of mistakes in what sometimes felt like a roller coaster ride. Despite the hardships, my business was largely profitable and I raised my family in comfort and security. Wanting more, I sold the business to my brother 25 years ago (it still exists today) and became a consultant and coach, travelling throughout North America. My mistakes and lessons as an entrepreneur have enabled me to identify with and understand what my clients are going through. As a result, my recommendations are practical, profitable and cost-effective. I don't try to impose my will but instead help you to access and implement your vision, maybe in ways you haven't even conceived of. My first consultation is free for those who qualify through a brief questionnaire.