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Tina Jesso

Montreal, Quebec, QC

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Montreal, Quebec, QC

About Tina Jesso

Tina is a Success Coach.

She is passionate about guiding her clients, of all ages and from many walks of life, to create their best mindset, so they can clearly identify and achieve what makes them happy and gives purpose.

Tina is a certified Canfield Success Trainer.  The Passion Test and the Xyte Insight Assessment are some of her many tools to help clients … tap into their core genius … better understand why they do what they do … communicate more effectively … figure out what to do next  … and … remove the barriers to getting there.

Prior to being a Success Coach, Tina trained and mentored many individuals and groups in her 30+ years in her financial services business to achieve their definition of financial and personal success.

Now those Success Principles that sparked business and relationship achievement for Tina – are doing the same for her clients!  This wisdom, along with her own business and personal journey – helps her to effectively guide clients to fill those gaps of what it really takes to identify and achieve their personal goals in life.