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Jessica Macdonald


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About Jessica Macdonald

Are you struggling with overwhelm and to fix on the things that really matter to you? 

Do you appear highly successful and your life appears shiny and bright on the outside. However inside you are operating on the volcano method of prioritisation, which is dealing with the next thing at the top of the volcano to contain the eruption. 

With a bit of digging together we uncover, the life you want to lead. Not the life your mother/father/spouse/brother expects you to live. There are speed bumps in life that leave us stranded or sometimes we find that we are stuck in a dead end. 

I am skilled in picking apart what is really happening, working with people to clarify their ideal life. Together we will solve your puzzles, creating a path to your ideal life. 

Small steps in the direction of the life that you want create, leads to the life that you want.

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