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Regina, SK

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Regina, SK


Dear Friend,

If you are here to discover a step by step system for starting a profitable online business from scratch. Or even how to grow an existing business FAST. This may well be the most relevant and exciting web page you have ever landed on…

My name is Doug Howorko – Lifestyle Entrepreneur, and Founder of ZAGGTIME Lifestyle Design. “I’m just a regular guy that has WOKEN UP to experience more (time – financial & geographic) freedom… by designing the life and business I love in the new digital economy.

As the source for lifestyle entrepreneurs, the team at ZAGGTIME commits to WAKE UP the potential that lies within you… to help you make the escape from employee to freedom – entrepreneur, or just set up that passion based side hustle. We provide you the personal development and business development tips, tactics, tools and training to push your forward, to become the best version of you and seize the business opportunities available to you right now.

Our ultimate mission is to help millions of people “just like you” become Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and create the income, lifestyle and freedom you deserve.  It’s your time to live the life you have always dreamed of. It’s ZAGGTIME!