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Elena Sinozich


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About Elena Sinozich

I am a fearless personal development coach who is thrilled by the possibility that people can learn to examine their own life, identify what brings them joy, and to intentionally create a balanced and fulfilling life. I have learned how to do this, and you can too. I would love for you to have this awesome feeling too. 

Simply put, I help people find and create meaning in their lives--to find satisfaction. When our lives are aligned with what we find meaningful, we are at peace. I help people become the driver of their own lives, and to live more authentically and purposefully. People come to me during periods of big change in their lives; big loss, big gains, those taking new positions in the workplace, or those who find themselves unhappy in their work, but don't know what's next. My clients range from post college to empty nesters, those navigating life after divorce, or those welcoming a new baby. I also work with people dealing with issues such as work/life balance, relationship issues, finding courage to embark on new ventures, and those dealing with fear and anxiety.