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Ross Nichols

Salisbury, Wiltshire

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Salisbury, Wiltshire

About Ross Nichols

A professional business mentor and professional certified coach with a holistic approach and a passion for helping others to succeed.

I support your business, your career and your wellbeing; and transitions and integration between them:

* Business mentoring, coaching, consulting

* IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) strategy 

* Leadership and executive coaching

* Executive Director competencies assessment and coaching

* Non-Executive Director competencies assessment and coaching

* Career transition coaching

* Personal transformation coaching

* Integrated wellness coaching

* Cancer coaching

* Emotional Intelligence assessment (EQ-i 2.0) and coaching

* Values-based judgement assessment (Judgement Index) and coaching

* Mindfulness coaching

* Group coaching and facilitation

* Team 'away days'

* Mentor-coach for ICF credentialing (ACC, PCC)

I provide a bespoke service, responding to your individual and group needs. I help you take control of your business or organisation, set a direction and achieve the success you want. 

I partner with professionals in transition in a thought-provoking and creative process so that you can be your authentic self, follow the career or business that ignites your passions and purpose, and live life courageously. 

I help people living under the shadow of illness and cancer to move forward and live life more joyously. And I support coaches as they earn their professional credentials with the International Coach Federation.

I have a wealth of professional knowledge, skills and experience. I’ve faced hundreds of different situations in a 26 year career in the Army as a Royal Engineer, latterly in strategic management and business management. I'm a member of 5 professional institutes and a wide range of national and regional business organisations and networking groups. I love getting to know people and I invest heavily in my own continuous professional development. And I’m serious about mentoring and coaching – helping you to succeed is my purpose.