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Jackie Ruka

Charleston, South Carolina, 29401

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Charleston, South Carolina, 29401
United States

About Jackie Ruka

Are you ready to accelerate a growth path and go to the next level? Imagine having the positive life and career you desire.
Hi my name is Jackie, Professional Happyologist and Certified Success Coach
Allow me to introduce you to a proprietary program that gives you the action steps to:
✔Creating a foundation for you to be successful in your desired field.
✔Taming the clutter on the inside, as well, as outside and release your limiting beliefs for good!
✔Clearing out the energy sucking negative thoughts you keep having.
✔Going from confusion to clarity on your goals and intentions to have the success you envision for yourself and career/business.
✔Learn strategies and tools to achieve your desires for your business and life and gain the success mindset and tools to put into action TODAY!
✔Be confident to live the life you want and have the success you want.
✔Create a roadmap to your success with clear actionable steps and walk away with a customized plan just for you.
My clients have told me how they have experienced support, freedom and a quiet excitement of the aspects of their life that have blossomed in ways where their business and career accelerated, had less stress and more confidence to live their life to the fullest and love what they do!. Plus acquired new healthy habits!
Join me in a revolutionary process toward a life path that positively flows.
- Certified Action Success Coach
- Masters in Therapy
- An award winning marketing exec of consumer brands of $1m to $2.3B
- #1 best selling Author of the book Get Happy & Create a Kick Butt Life
-Quoted in We Women, Yahoo Finance, WSJ, NBC & Healthy Living