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Status Badges

What do they mean?

Acknowledging Our Coaches

The following are the Status Badges visible next to Coach listings. We award these badges to our coaches as a token of appreciation for their active engagement on the platform. Gaining visibility can be challenging in a competitive environment, and these badges serve to recognize the dedicated efforts coaches contribute to enhancing our visitors' search experience, making it more seamless and engaging.

Red Heart

Coaches recognized with a red heart badge have undergone a brand story reboot. This process follows widely recognized story writing principles, ensuring that their message is conveyed in a compelling manner, making it easier for readers to connect and engage.

Blue Heart

Coaches recognized with a blue heart have connected their offer page to their profile page. This seamless link increases ease and convenience for visitors who, having read their story, can effortlessly explore their offers  simply by transitioning to the next page.

Purple Heart

Coaches recognized with the purple heart have over ten 5 star reviews from their clients. They've dedicated efforts to getting these testimonials, aiming to instill confidence in their coaching offers among visitors.

Aqua Heart

Coaches recognized with the Aqua Heart have authored over ten articles on their respective subjects. This effort was geared toward furnishing visitors with valuable information to assist them in making informed decisions about the coaching solutions that best fit their needs.