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Paul Chang

Sydney, NSW

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Sydney, NSW

About Paul Chang

As a millennial myself, I am closely connected to our needs and wants. I believe that the best gift that we can give ourselves is to know that we have choices, and to have the ability to be mindful of how we make them.

I fell into a corporate marketing career when I first joined the workforce in my early 20s, and I steadily made it my world without questioning my motives. I also hold an MBA degree from one of the best business schools in Australia. By conventional standards, I was on a great trajectory to a comfortable retirement.

However, I was not satisfied. I made the decision in 2015 to destabilise myself in search of the career that was both meaningful and fulfilling. The journey was not quick, nor was it without its challenges. However, it was worthwhile to discover the choices I had available, and the values that are the most important to me.

Because I have been through the process, I know the benefits of having a sounding board, a confidante, or just someone who cares. I know how deeply (and sometimes desperately) we need prompting, to take time out, to pause, and to reassess. It is not easy, but I know that it is worthwhile.