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Nola Gephart

College Grove, Tennessee

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College Grove, Tennessee
United States

About Nola Gephart

Do you have Writers Block for writing your own life’s story?

Do you feel stuck? As we move through life, we quite unexpectedly arrive at a place we don’t recognize. We are a character in someone else’s story that we did not choose. Perhaps you are the victim, the downtrodden or just the unfulfilled. Perhaps you’ve surrendered the pen that writes your life story.

I have been where you are. I assure you there is a way forward and you already have everything you need. I will help you realize you have the power to become the hero of the story you call life.

With 15 years of combined experience in weight and life coaching, I am here for you on your journey. Let's equip you with tools and strategies for success. My clients love the discovery process and have results they didn't believe possible.

*We begin the process with identifying what it is that you want, be it better relationships, communication skills, stress management, weight issues, overwhelm, lack of direction, developing a positive mindset or just to feel more worthy. For some people, this is a challenge all on its own. If this is you, you are not alone.

*We then look at what is holding you back from being able to have what you really want. Together, we work on understanding the obstacles that keep you feeling stuck. unfulfilled, or in relationships that are not healthy ... there is a way forward.

*We then identify strategies to overcome the obstacles. We develop a plan and then decide how to put that plan into action steps that are manageable and not overwhelming.

*I am here for you through it all, holding you accountable, believing in you even when you don't, knowing that you are 100% lovable and 100% worthy just as you are, showing you how your mindset is the key to progress, and watching you realize that you really can have it all.