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Laurie Soileau

Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville, Tennessee
United States

About Laurie Soileau

As a certified Life Coach, I help adults live authentic, intentional, and fulfilling lives in a way they can sustain. This type of life is only lived after clarifying your values, passions, and strengths, and creating strategies and goal steps that support those. I have many years of experience creating a dynamic life strategizing around strengths rather than limitations and setbacks. 

I help families of rising college freshmen, Autism spectrum individuals, and ADHD individuals develop skills needed for transitions, daily coping, support, and growth. I have written a number of Parent-Child Contracts with these families with great results.

My niche in life coaching is adults with ADHD, and those who parent, manage, or care for others with ADHD. As a parent of two ADHDers and as an adult with ADHD, I understand from experience as well as research. Together, we strategize and actualize a better life for all involved.

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