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Russell Church

Nashville, Tennessee

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Nashville, Tennessee
United States

About Russell Church

From your career, relationships, family and more, we’re here to help. Let us be your partner through life’s transitions.

A life coach is a guide, a teacher, a sounding board, a friend. Life coaching is not therapy or counseling. We don’t explore your relationship with your mother; we don’t dredge up the past. In fact, we rarely look backwards at all.

At CRC Life Coach, we are fully focused on your future and your goals. We do this using a variety of methods to analyze your current situation, identify limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors, devise a custom plan of action, and follow through with accountability to make sure you reach your goal!

You already have all of the answers inside of you, but something is blocking you from accessing them. Our job as a life coach is to help you identify those blocks so you can coax your answers into the light and act on them.