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Tanya Thomas

Addison, Texas

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Contact Information

Addison, Texas
United States

About Tanya Thomas

I use a dynamic collaborative approach used to facilitate conscious growth and transformation. I help my clients prioritize and realize their visions/goals for their careers, relationships, and business life. 

My fields of coaching include:

► Business 

► Spiritual

► Entrepreneurship

► Life

► Grief 

I specialize in values clarification, strategic professional planning, and life/work balancing. I conduct one-on-one phone/Skype session and in-person group coaching sessions. All these, in the result of helping you reach unprecedented levels of productivity, satisfaction, and growth. 

Some of us are stuck in one or many areas of our life. In the process, we lose sight of our dreams, what our vision was and we even lose hope. If this is you, please know that your life matters and I want to be part of your journey to help you get unstuck and unclutter your God-given gifts and unleash your potential. 

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