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Christi Howard

Austin, Texas, 78737

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Austin, Texas, 78737
United States

About Christi Howard

Do you know what? I’ve been there. Feeling like you are just stuck in a hamster wheel. Waking up early, doing all the motions, and going to sleep exhausted but not feeling like you did anything productive, or that you enjoyed! The days can feel like Groundhog Day, and without end. You are doing all the same steps, and not really feeling excited about the results. But what if that could change? Wouldn’t you want to learn more about envisioning your possibilities? That's where a mom life coach comes in.

My credentials include being a Certified Professional Life Coach with a B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences. I also severe on the Executive Board of the Family Life Coaching Association as Vice Chair. As a mom life coach, the clients I work best with need help in areas such as stress management, time allocation, positive motivation, and mindset shifting. Once you recognize limiting beliefs, you can form new habits.

During the process you can think of me as your mom life accountability partner. I help you see the path of possibilities so you can get out of your own way, start to take action and fulfill your dreams! Once you learn and implement these techniques in your life, you will notice how they will also benefit the rest of your immediate family. What a beautiful gift for your family too!