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Darrin Dronen

Austin, Texas, 78717

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Contact Information

Austin, Texas, 78717
United States

About Darrin Dronen

I am a working man, veteran, volunteer, family man, outdoorsman, handyman, and a man in recovery.

My passion has always been mentoring and coaching others to help them see and reach their fullest potential.

I have 30 years of experience coaching and mentoring others as an Army veteran, cooperate program manager, and Scoutmaster. Some of my fondest memories are when I coached and mentored people through difficult times in their lives or encouraged them to take a more challenging, less-traveled path.

As a Scoutmaster, I encouraged each scout to see their potential to accomplish a challenging task or take on more senior leadership roles. I am immensely proud of these young men and what they became.

As a recovering addict, I am looking forward to helping you find those next steps in life. My life and recovery experiences and hard-learned lessons can help you on your path.

No matter your choice today, I am proud of you for reaching out and considering seeking help from others. Become a man of "Integrity."

As your coach and mentor, my goal is to help you find your goals and work towards them. I know what you are going through; I am you.

My purpose now is to help you avoid hitting rock bottom or recover your life after hitting rock bottom.

You will do me a huge honor if you ask me to be your coach and mentor and take this path less traveled together.