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Katherine Brooks

Austin, Texas

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Austin, Texas
United States

About Katherine Brooks

Have you achieved everything you thought would make you happy, only to realize none of it did?

You’re not alone. Or weird. Or broken. 

You’re human.

Men are trained to believe a “promise” that your value = achievement. The more you achieve, the more valuable you are. Happiness will follow.

Doesn’t take a detective to sniff out the lies here 

My clients come to me when that promise is falling apart. It sounds like, “I did all that work and I still feel…empty?”

Thus begins the powerful transformation to leading your life from your true authority, not your socialization. 

And, you don't have to go it alone. 

I offer mindset coaching to help high-achieving men vastly improve the quality of their lives. Succinctly, I help you self actualize. 

My clients see dramatic shifts in stress levels, creativity, relationships, work performance and overall energy through our six months together. 

Curious? Let’s talk.

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