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Linsi Brownson

Austin, Texas, 78745

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Austin, Texas, 78745
United States

About Linsi Brownson

I am a certified Life and Business Coach who helps entrepreneurs overcome the habits that derail their happiness and success.

Habits like:
- Overthinking
- Procrastination
- Perfectionism
- People-pleasing
- Bad time management
- Disorganization
- Self-doubt and Imposter syndrome
- Isolation
- Overworking

If you struggle with any of these, you might think it's just who you are - especially since you've probably been doing this a long time! But these are actually just habitual behaviors that you can rewire with some simple steps. You don't have to embark on a years-long journey or change your whole personality (phew) to feel and do better.

My approach is functional and fits within your current work and lifestyle. You can unwind yourself from the patterns that are keeping you stuck and build a healthy new approach where you see immediate progress that gets even better over time.

Depending on your goals, we can meet a few times or we may work together more intensively for a few months. As you regain control over your time, energy, thoughts, and actions you'll notice that your confidence and self-worth grow too. This, my friend, will open you up to a whole new world.

Get started by scheduling a free consultation with me.
If you'd like to learn more about me and my work, I highly recommend listening to my podcast "Be Brilliant In Your Business"