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Sharanya Rao

Austin, Texas

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Austin, Texas
United States

About Sharanya Rao

I am a creative powerhouse who awakens clarity and transformation in my clients. 

Coaching is my passion, purpose and calling. As a professional career and leadership coach, I am committed to bringing positive, sustaining transformation in individuals and organizations through Co-Active coaching, Mindfulness and cultural awareness. I've worked with 100+ professionals in career transition to help them design a career that aligns their intention with their impact, and with leaders at all levels who want to achieve more impact through their leadership.

I love learning about what makes people tick. I am committed to partnering with my clients on their journey of self-discovery, and am fully present with empathy and support. I provide a nurturing space for clients to look deeply within themselves where I ask the hard questions, and hold them accountable to their professional goals. Our coaching partnership empowers clients with clarity, purpose and conscious decision-making about their professional goals. Through mindfulness, creativity and Co-Active coaching, I empower my clients with awareness, vision and choice, so they can become "unstuck", resolve their inner conflict and move into conscious, resonant action. 

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