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Surja Dehn

Cedar Park, Texas, 78613

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Cedar Park, Texas, 78613
United States

About Surja Dehn

Are you fed up with lockdowns and social distancing?
Do you often feel stressed and anxious and can’t seem to shake it off?
Are you lonely and feel like you’re invisible?
Do you feel like you want to start fresh, but lack clarity and courage?
Do you want to be seen and heard again?
Are you looking for kindness, compassion and warmth?

I am so glad you found me, because I know exactly how you feel!

These are super challenging times for all of us.
This pandemic and all the craziness that comes with it brings us to our limits.
Last year I had to continue work at home, I wasn’t able to meet with colleagues and friends anymore. Suddenly my husband had to leave and visit his parents in the UK and I was on my own. I never felt so lonely!
I like to keep up to date, so I read the news each morning, but after a while I felt so much anxiety and stress building up in my mind.
Then I noticed during my daily meditations that a deep sadness and pain kept coming up. Old wounds and trauma said hello again to finally be healed.
I also had to shift my focus and attention from all the drama outside towards my inner being and find inner stability and balance.
What was new for me, to ask for help!
Yes, I got so used to helping myself and perfected self help methods, often found distractions to not have to look at myself too clearly.
Last year I could not look away anymore. I felt a deep desire to finally address some of my issues and get the help I need. I found all the support I needed and a lot more! Inner peace, unconditional love, warmth and kindness. Compassionate guidance from within.

“Life will only make sense; and can only produce long-term, happiness, peace, and joy when embraced from the perspective of the soul”.—Neale Donald Walsch

If this quote speaks to you and you are ready for some transformational work, I can be with you along your path, at your side, helping you to focus and arrive where you want to be!

Interested? Please don't hesitate to contact me! ❤️