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Chris Hoffmann

Dallas, Texas, TX

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Contact Information

Dallas, Texas, TX
United States

About Chris Hoffmann

I coach ambitious transitioning enlisted Veterans who have big visions but very little clarity. I help them set the foundation for the next steps in living a passion driven life.

Chris is a Marine Corps combat veteran turned personal/professional development leader, sales trainer, experiential educational training content creator, podcaster, & best-selling author of the Ebook: 10 Steps to Predicted Success Out of the Uniform. 

He founded VET Training & Coaching in 2017 while still in the corporate world- after realizing that while interview prep, resume writing, and job fairs serve a purpose they do not provide fulfillment, a sense of purpose, and a feeling of making an impact veterans are used to feeling while serving in the military. 

As we all know, numbers don’t lie. Here are the numbers according to a Syracuse study: 

230,000 post 9/11 veterans are getting out every year currently and 43% will leave their first job within 12 months. To put that into perspective, that means that 98,000+ veterans will be without work due to “not being challenged enough” OR “underemployment.” 

We call this 43%, Ambitious VETs, and since 2017 Chris and team have used a data-driven approach to launch The Ambitious VET Network, one of the largest global personal and professional development communities on the planet for professional post 9/11 veterans who are desiring more in life after the immediate transition tools expire and don’t deliver on their needs. 

To date, The Ambitious VET Network has a user base of 9,000+ professional veterans that was built completely organically through Chris’ unique relationship building skills and WIN/WIN business acumen with a 40% engagement rate MoM. 

Chris has been featured on CBS Eye Veterans, Stars and Stripes, recognized by the San Diego Business Journal as one of the top Veteran and Military Entrepreneurs, and featured in many more publications. What Chris is truly passionate about is empowering people to execute on what really matters in life. 

Chris in his free time loves hiking the mountains, participating in Landmark Worldwide's leadership programs, or simply spending time with family. 

Credentials and Experience: 

 -Psychology Degree 

 -Veteran Development Certificate Blue Rio Strategies 

 -Personality Profiler Certification for Golden LLC

 -Created a 12 Week Experiential & Gamified Leadership Accelerator Program- The Ambitious VET Sprint (25+ post 9/11 veterans graduated) 

 -Over 10,000 hours of transformative/leadership development coaching and training 

 -10 years of sales experience in five different industries 

 -Former Sales Trainer for Zurple and Z57 (Marketing software companies inside the real estate industry worth 30 million dollars combined)