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Robin Shaw

Dallas, Texas

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Dallas, Texas
United States

About Robin Shaw

I began my professional career as a newly graduated front-line nurse in the neurosurgery department of a level one trauma center in a major metropolitan city.  I soon found myself entrenched in the same hospital’s emergency department, spending my time caring for patients who had unimaginable injuries.

Later, I was in a vastly different role than what my nursing experience had prepared me.  I found myself as an administrator in charge of a surgical center.  Suddenly, I had to effectively relate not only to the front-line staff and physicians I had always worked with, but executives of a major hospital system, and a plethora of non-clinical business-minded executives.  I had gone from a clinical role, which I had grown comfortable with, to oversight of both clinical and non-clinical staff and running a business.  To say the learning curve was steep would be an understatement.

Eventually, I was in the role of Vice President of a company that specialized in running hospitals and surgery centers – a far cry from the registered nurse stepping foot into a hospital for the first time.

Over the years, regardless of my position, there are few things that I found always held true.  The people I worked with were incredibly diverse, there were always managers who both excelled, and at times failed at their jobs, and there was never a time that I did not have something more to learn.

In my professional life I have mentored, coached, and developed leaders at all levels of business and I have found that above all else, I love helping people find their hidden potential.  I love doing this so much in fact, I received my certificate in Executive and Leadership Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas and am certified through the International Coaching Federation.

In my life, I have been thrown many unforeseen curveballs.  There were times when I needed help to find clarity and find my way.  I have had to reach deep within myself to achieve stretch goals that would improve my knowledge, performance, and help me gain self-confidence.

If you find yourself unbalanced in these uncertain times and need an unbiased ear, I can help you to find your direction.  If you are looking for additional leadership skills, or perhaps you are unsure of your next steps in your career, or even your life and are nervous about what the future may bring, I have walked in your shoes and I can help.  We will find a way to respond to uncertainties in a positive way and to take life in a new direction that is more consistent with your goals.

As your coach, I will walk by your side to help you find clarity, grow in leadership, and self-awareness.  I will help you to identify your existing strengths and to know how to use them as your most important assets.

I would love an opportunity to help you grow your untapped potential and to be the person you would most like to be.