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Nicole Smith

Fort Worth, Texas

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Fort Worth, Texas
United States

About Nicole Smith

I am a life coach. An executive woman who serves other executive women. I love this work more than any work I’ve ever done. And I didn’t see that coming. 

I create time and space for successful women to think, dream, feel, plan and focus on themselves. This is leadership development, personal development, professional development, and self-care wrapped into a customized personal experience where you don’t have to leave any pieces of yourself behind. 

My best clients aren’t perfect, but they are open to possibilities. They want to do well and live well at the same time. They choose coaching because they know that they can do ANYthing, but know they can’t do everything. 

They also understand that sometimes you need help to get to the next level. They’ve worked hard and know the rush of being recognized. But they also know that recognition doesn’t compare to being seen. 

When I’m your coach, my goal is not to type you or categorize you. We get enough of that, and frankly, I’ve had enough of that. Your coaching experience will be as unique as you are. I want to help you expand and grow, not minimize you to metrics. There’s no one size fits all life.

My practice is open to anyone who experiences life as a woman, identifies as a woman, and her allies. 

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