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Kari Petruch

Georgetown, Texas, 78626

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Georgetown, Texas, 78626
United States

About Kari Petruch

Let’s take a walk. We all experience times when life seems too certain or uncertain. We develop patterns that seem unbreakable. You can break those patterns by examining your 6 Human Needs, assessing your beliefs and honestly considering the decisions that you have made. You can tap into your own power and change the “stuck” that you are in so that you can have happiness and the joy that you have always desired. My life has been truly amazing. My experiences have led me to the path of helping people to help themselves.

I am a mother, a wife, a world traveler, a military spouse, a grandmother, an artist, a singer, a cook, and a spiritualist. My life was quite at a standstill. I was stuck. I had fallen into the mundane trap of routine life and wondered if this was all there was. I decided to attend a school for a trade that I found dull and unrewarding. It was then that I was directed to Tony Robbins. I first watched him and then I viewed his program and it changed my life. I then decided to attend the Robbins-Madanes School for Life Coaching where I found my true “Highest Intent”.

I graduated from this school and am having the time of my life helping others to find that secret that has given me new purpose and energy. I am here to give those tools to you by using the methods set forth in Strategic Intervention. I absolutely insist on enjoying my life and I hope that you can come walk with me to find your “Highest Intent” so that you too can lead a joyous life!