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Honor Godin

Houston, Texas, 77057

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Contact Information

Houston, Texas, 77057
United States

About Honor Godin

Honor is a certified life coach and educator. She has received professional trainings in the fields of holistic health, psychology, nutrition, exercise science and metaphysics. 
With a thriving coaching business and clients around the globe, Honor offers personal coaching, corporate coaching and relationship coaching. She travels to spas, wellness clinics and private retreat centers teaching people how to truly thrive in their lives. She mentors all of her clients in both conscious health and conscious nutrition. 

Services Offered: 

Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking

Personal Life Coaching:
Private coaching with Honor is a powerful and transformative experience. Honor has coached hundreds of people by identifying stored emotional conversations and guiding her clients to transmute and transcending perceived limitations. 
Honor believes that our greatest weakness shall become our greatest strengths and she guides her clients with spiritual principals and practical tools. 
Clients are guided to consciously create their lives and achieve true happiness and inner fulfillment.
As a Speaker:
Honor has been receiving outstanding reviews for her speaking and she is enthusiastically committed to delivering powerful and effective tools that leave audience members informed, inspired and deeply committed to creating positive change in their lives. 
As an expert in the field of living masterfully, this mother, business owner, author and coach will share her story and her wisdom with the same heart felt sincerity and authenticity for which she lives her own life.