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Meet Coach Nearby Kesha Austin in Mesquite TX

Kesha Austin

Mesquite, Texas, 75149

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Mesquite, Texas, 75149
United States

About Kesha Austin

My Coaching Strategy ignites the unique power within that enables my clients to burst down the doors of scarcity & procrastination. Promoting excellences, Empowerment & a renewed perspective. Who do you know that’s ready to be EMPOWERED?

I believe God created each one of us for a unique, divine purpose. My passion is to help people discover their God-given potential and develop an action plan to pursue it. I assist clients in creating a clear vision for the future that will move them from where they are to where they want to be. I believe that every individual is uniquely valuable with a distinctive calling placed on their life.

I provide a safe, judgment-free space to explore the core issues that hold you back while remaining solution-oriented. I will help you understand the belief systems that have held you back and build a customized action plan that holds true to you.

As you implement these tools and practice these principles you will experience:

- Peace
- Self-confidence
- Hope
- Motivation
- Stronger and deeper relationships
- Love
- Seemingly effortless success
- Better health
- A more optimistic outlook on life
- Acute self-awareness
- The ability to handle life on life's terms
- Gratitude
- A sense of purpose and direction

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