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Coach Shell Mendelson in San Antonio TX

Shell Mendelson

San Antonio, 78217

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San Antonio, 78217

About Shell Mendelson

Many people with ADHD struggle in their careers. But what if the problem wasn’t you…what if you’re just in the wrong job? People with ADHD are some of the brightest, most creative people in the world, but they have to play by their own rules.

Using a proven process of self-reflection, I can help you unlock your full potential to find a meaningful, satisfying, sustainable and profitable career.

With me, your ADHD Career Coach and a Masters in Vocational Counseling, you get 35 years plus of experience working with adults and young adults make significant career shifts. With me you also receive:

-An accountability partner to guide you through your next steps and facilitate a seamless transition

-A personal guide and cheerleader to lead you through a process of structured soul searching, comparing you to no one else. No tests, no assessments.

-Clarity on the best career path for you. Your ideal job lies at the intersection of your passions and skills — not necessarily your strengths.
Freedom to explore options without judgement, so you discover the best path for your unique talents and gifts.

-As your career coach, you will have it all with me - from exploring who you are and your best career or business direction through a proven method, based on What Color Is Your Parachute, to taking the next steps toward making your clearly defined goal a reality.

I use an inner process base Parachute to help clients explore a career or business direction that will serve you over a lifetime - one that allows for easy transitions, expansion and growth... and is never boring.

Join the only career masterclass designed to
help ADHD adults discover their real life’s work

97% Completion Rate

New MasterClasses will be forming throughout 2022.
Classes are limited to 6 participants.
An effort will be made to reserve your spot in
upcoming classes once dates are confirmed.

Learn More: Google ADHD and Career to Career Coaching with Shell.
23 Five Star Reviews