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Beverly Buncher


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About Beverly Buncher

Life Coach Training Professional , Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach

The mission of Family Recovery Resources, LLC, (aka the BALM Training Institute for Family Recovery Services) is to help ALL families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes. We accomplish this through the intensive work we do with families as coaches, facilitators, teachers and interactive partners using our Be A Loving Mirror signature program. We work closely with other Recovery Coaches, therapists, interventionists, and treatment centers to insure that the family system moves from toxic to healthy. This results in the loved one with SUD being surrounded by family members committed to their own recovery journey as well as to being supportive and encouraging to the loved one struggling with a Substance Use or other Use Disorder. 

As one client who is the person with SUD in the family recently stated during a family group session, "I feel like our family is all on the same team now." This feeling of working together, as a unit, toward the goal of recovery, is more than possible. It is the reality of families who travel the Be A Loving Mirror recovery path together, not JUST for the struggling loved one, but for each family member, as well. If you would like a powerful process to help the families of the clients you are helping, or for your own family, contact Family Recovery Resources (The BALM Training Institute) .