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Chris Mitchell


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About Chris Mitchell

Feeling stuck or at a pivotal moment? Are you struggling to focus on your true priorities, determine your next steps or lacking confidence to take your creative practice, business or career to the next level or a new direction?  

 I understand the creative mindset and appreciate that there are many ways to build a career and life as a creative professional.

My coaching practice is focused on supporting artists and creatives like you including: emerging, mid-career and established visual artists, makers, designers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, performers, entrepreneurs with arts-based businesses and leaders of cultural institutions and initiatives. Essentially, anyone who is dedicated professionally or personally to artistic expression, creation or production.

Here's how I can help

As your coach, I work alongside you as a thought partner to facilitate your self-discovery, increase your confidence and refine your focus on what is most important in your life, your creative endeavours or directions.

I can help you to:

Clarify your vision for your creative practice/career/business

Set specific goals and develop and implement effective strategies to achieve them;

Prioritize, focus and follow through to finish projects and achieve goals that matter to you;

Increase your confidence

Develop habits, routines and mindset to support your creativity and success;

Cultivate professional and personal relationships that support your endeavours;

Understand and push past creative blocks and fears that stand in the way of your ambitions;

Gain a better sense of control and accomplishment in your work and life as a creative professional;

Build a more sustainable, fulfilling creative career and balanced life;

How I Coach

Coaching with me is a creative and collaborative process! Every coaching relationship and session is uniquely created based on your needs and your desired outcome. Whatever your challenge, barrier or aspiration I’ll work with you to gain clarity, overcome hurdles and achieve your goals.

I empower you to grow your creative practice, arts-based business or career from the inside out and build a more sustainable and fulfilling life as creative professional. 

I work collaboratively with you to build our relationship based on trust, candour and action planning and ask questions to help you to identify blocks, challenges and opportunities in your life. Our coaching conversations are focused, thought-provoking and structured to support you to determine plans and take the actions that you decide are right for you.  My job is to support you to make better decisions and be stronger in your professional and personal relationships, provide a neutral ear, champion you and build in accountability to keep you on track to move forward toward your goals. I feel fulfilled when I see my clients are acquiring self-awareness and building confidence and strategies that will serve them far beyond our coaching relationship. My goal is for each of my clients to develop their creative practice, business or career in ways that make them happier and feeling more fulfilled.