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Elizabeth Strange

Toronto, ON

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Toronto, ON

About Elizabeth Strange

I am a deeply spiritual person and knew, from a very young age, that my life mission was to be in service to others. My life path has had many twists and turns, both personally and professionally. I have lived authentically my entire life and others found my way to be 'different' than the norm. The last few decades the rest of the world has been going through a profound change and has finally caught up to what I have always understood, that living authentically in connection to the others is the only path to happiness and true success. Now my 'different' has become 'mainstream'. I was just waiting for others to catch!

Many people are looking for more connection and authenticity in their experience and are taking steps to integrate various forms of that into their lives; meditation, yoga, etc. I have been helping clients for decades to transform their lives into a more authentic experience with true 'connection' at all levels. Each of us is gifted with skills that only they possess and are intended to share those with others to enhance their life. My gifts are used to create breakthroughs to better understand yourself and change chronic lifelong patterns that are preventing you from living more fully and with purpose.