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Myrlande Taylor Pierre

Toronto, ON

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Toronto, ON

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I'm Myrlande Taylor Pierre your life Coach

Coaching Services Are Offered In French and English

Life Happens

No matter how hard we plan, life happens. Unexpected events, happy surprises, horrible tragedies, unforeseen turns … Life is full of them. Very early on we are trained to formulate expectations. These help us navigate day to day life. We are taught that certain behaviour is rewarded. We are taught how to love and how to react in the face of any kind of circumstance. We are programmed with cultural cues which serve as foundation to our social existence.

When this system is upended by unexpected circumstances or behaviours, it can trigger any number of stressors. We can fight and cling to what we expect until it renders us jobless, friendless, or in financial ruin. Effective coaching can help to overcome these setbacks and provide clarity. Life doesn’t care about your preparation, but you can prepare yourself to deal with whatever life throws your way.

As a coach, my mission is to help you reclaim positive emotion and develop this powerful energy into the greatest tool for restoring balance and happiness in your life.