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Renata Kulpa

Toronto, ON

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Toronto, ON

About Renata Kulpa

As a psychotherapist, I coach people who are mentally exhausted from attempting to solve their current situation by themselves and are looking to repair their mood to get out of their funk.

Confused, alone, or drained in your relationships? Are you putting the needs of others before your own? Are you changing yourself (like a chameleon) in order to feel accepted and appreciated? Do you feel like you have nothing left to give? 

How we feel about ourselves affects all our relationships. If you have a negative view of yourself ("How could you be so stupid?”), each day is a battlefield. Some of the ways people cope with that inner conflict are familiar: abuse of alcohol or drugs, overeating, sex. Some people seek to fill that void inside through their relationships with other people. They reach out to other people to seek completeness. In those situations, the other person becomes your main focus. You modify your behaviors and subjugate your needs to keep the relationship going at any cost. This is relationship-dependence, or codependency. Codependent people are magnets for arrogant and narcissistic personalities, who tend to dictate other people’s behavior. The ensuing relationships require huge amounts of effort and energy to keep up until they finally fall apart. When they do, the relationship-dependent person is left feeling vulnerable, betrayed, and abandoned, which can, in turn, lead to depression or the familiar vices. 

The only way to escape that cycle is to repair your relationship with yourself. My therapy approach is a way INTO thinking instead of a way OUT of thinking. I try not to be prescriptive. Self-help books and 12 step recovery plans already do that. In addition to the traditional modalities commonly used in therapy (talk therapy, CBT, DBT, somatic inquiry and mindfulness) I am certified in the new modality of Brain Spotting.