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Sanjukta Mitra

Specialties: Career Coaching

I am a certified Life and Career coach on a mission to support women in achieving professional fulfilment, work-life balance, and return to work after a

London, England, SE18 4EF, United Kingdom

John Farrell

Specialties: Accountability Coaching

Buxton, England, SK17 6AL, United Kingdom

Susie Briscoe
London, England, United Kingdom

Cliff Grieve

I work mainly with people just like you that have trouble managing their stress and anxiety.  Having years of personal experience with these areas I

Millbrook, England, United Kingdom

Helen Surgenor

I discovered the power of coaching through being coached myself.  Coaching helped me to rebuild my self confidence following a challenging time in early

Holywood, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Graeme Godfrey

From the moment you step up, you’re the most important person in the room. Your stability, peace and happiness are paramount.  Through my work,

London, England, United Kingdom

Kerry Hearsey

Hi I am Kerry Hearsey:  Life Coach As a Hybrid Life & Business Coach, I help Business Owners, SMEs and Individuals to build an understanding of

Huncote, England, United Kingdom

Amanda Maney

I help people find joy beyond loss - in all its forms. All change involves loss, and grief walks with us through it all. Whether your loss is of a loved

Cheshire West, England, United Kingdom

Patrick Hill

Specialties: Life Coaching

My passion is your well-being and growth. I am an expert at building high-quality relationships based on mutual respect, equality and trust.  I

London, England, United Kingdom