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Amy Keefner

As a trusted advisor, client relationship builder and influencer, I make an impact through integrity and authenticity. I build trust through my innate gift

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Kenya Gray

Healthy Lifestyle Coach Certified Personal Trainer

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Rosie Guagliardo

Hi, I'm Rosie! A lot of individuals feel like they’re striving so hard to achieve a great life but it always seems a little out of their grasp,

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Barbara A. Klaw

I love to learn and to teach others the best of what I have learned. I specialize in two main areas: In French or English, I teach people to improve their

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Eric B. Horn

Performance-focused and results-driven human capital consultant with 10+ years of experience in implementing career and professional development program initiatives

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Eric Fridman

I coach executives, executive teams, and board members to lead with greater awareness, intention, and impact in an increasingly complex world. My goal is

Chicago, Illinois, IL, United States

Beryl Greenberg

Are you stuck trying to revamp your career, spice up your leadership or optimize your life as a working parent? I'm here to help you GET UNSTUCK, lean

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Heather Woods

Life Coaching helps individuals start living their best lives by overcoming self-limiting beliefs, negative patterns and behaviors, building more self-confidence,

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Tami Palmer

I was that girl on my dorm floor who everyone came to for help: from boyfriends to picking majors. In my corporate life I frequently mentored junior staff

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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